Clara portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2000
  • Clara
  • Reseda and Tokay High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Life in Hite's Cove in the Past, Present, and Future...

Hite's Cove 1840's. It was like a dream come true for me! I found tons of gold during the gold mining. There were competitions and miners. I was one of 'em. Rivers next to our mining place were such a pleasant thing to look at when you've found some gold! That's how I felt.

Present now..., everything is just gone. All the mining sites and minters. I wouldn't want the gold mining to start [again] because that will make this beautiful valley ugly and unpleasant. I think the people should help out and make Hite's Cove one of the beautiful places[s] for more people to come and enjoy. There should be a tourist route and some more hiking routes. Building houses and building would just ruin this nice and and smell of fresh water. This Hite's Cove should be left alone as it was or make it better and a nicer place so many people will come.

In the future, I hope Hite's Cove will be such a beautiful place and well known that when people from all over the world, if they come to America, would want to come here desperately or at least, everyone all over the world would know it. But I don't expect Hite's Cove place to be a place that is well known and when people actually come, people be disappointed or bored.

Diversity in the wilderness and in human society

As I walk along the trail, I see lots of different parts of the river. Some parts are extremely rapid and some parts are very calm. While walking along the trail when I see the mellow, calm part of the river, I want to stop and go on slowly, but when I see the rapid waterfalls, it makes me go faster. There is a lot of diversity in this forest. Trees are very diverse in their own ways. There are trees with lots of leaves and others with none. There are trees that have diverse colors. So many beautiful trees.

As a part of the WildLink Team, I found out that we are very diverse in our origins. I am Korean and there are people who are mixed with Hispanic and Filipino as well as Chinese and White, Hispanic and White, Blacks, Russians, and more. We live in a very different way but I don't think that is a reason not to play or and around with them. America is the most diverse country and everyone gets along. Perrine and Nicole helped me so much to get along with new friends.

What I loved and learned...

I love Dominique, Nicole, Dan, Ian, Elvira, Vicki, Jarod, Perrine, Nicole, Desiree, Chris, Janice, and Khaled. I loved everything that was here around me. There was nothing that I hated. Also I learned that I could hike if I put my mind to it and I'm taking home a muscley leg, Perrine and Nicole! It was fun. I learned so many things about myself. I love the foods, people, place to sleep and play. Everyone was so nice to everyone.

Thank you

I am so thankful for everyone here that made the trip wonderful. Chris, Khaled, Ian, Dan, Desiree, Janice, Dominique, Elvira and Nicole. Also, Nicole and Perrine who made and help[ed] me have fun a lot. Mrs. Arnold who brought us such a long way. And the biggest than you and "missing you" goes to Jarod. He made me think of my bros in Korea who are 22 years old. They're all the best and I will miss of of 'em!

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