Chris portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 1-6, 2000
  • Chris
  • Reseda and Tokay High Schools
  • Hite's Cove

Away from it all

Away from it all. What sounds better the sound of traffic or the sound of water? Who are your friends, plants and animals or machines? Today I ask myself these questions because there['s] something about nature I'm starting to understand. You smell fresh air. Smelling fresh air is unexplainable. How do people make you feel and how does nature make you feel? In civilization there are people who give you stress. In a forest, nature, stress is relieved. How does it feel being away from it all?

Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoias don't think but the[y] see and feel. Giant Sequoias just are, they don't worry about things. Sequoias absorb a great amount of energy which helps them survive, they are survivors. If sequoias [could] feel, they would probably feel proud. All other trees would look up to Sequoias wishing to be one. Much respect is given to Sequoias by animals and other plants. What a sequoia feels every day; month; year; century; a person or animal wouldn't understand. If you were a sequoia and you knew how it feels, you would rather be a sequoia rather than a human or any other animal. That is how powerful a sequoia tree feels. Sequoia trees are peaceful and can be teachers and helpers, helping animals live through. Sequoia trees just are...Ask yourself, "Have you ever seen a sequoia waste time?" Time is a terrible thing to waste. Sometimes it's better not to know how it would feel to feel.

Life in Hite's Cove in the Past, Present, and Future...

I picture myself as a native American in the past, teen. Everyday I would have to help and teach my community, making it stronger. After work everyday would be kick back, I'd just be laying in the shade on a fresh rock, listening to the river sound with my mate.

These days, going camping and hiking, I learned a lot. I think an important issue in the world is respect to nature. Nature helps us trying [its] hardest, every single plant, animal, organism [-] but do we help them when they don't ask for help[?] [A]ll they ask for is respect.

In the future, I would like to see the same bear poop, the same decomposing plants, basically everything the same except anymore technological machines for mining. Ask yourself what is more important, wealth or respect?

What I learned and what I loved

What I loved isn't as important as what I learned. I loved to smell the fresh air every time I'd wake up. I loved looking around and seeing life as it is. I loved the bonfires, everyone meshes and it brings the inner you out.

I learned how to respect nature. I say if you mess with nature it will mess with you back. I got a clear picture of understanding life in general. What we did was life. What I mean is life is beauty. Beauty is a view of everything that makes things amazing.

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