Regina portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 10-15, 2000
  • Regina
  • Kingsburg, Merced, and Tokay High Schools
  • Chain Lakes

What does wilderness mean to me?

TO ME, wilderness means lots of trees, animals, peace, quiet, you're by yourself, and you get to think. The wilderness is somewhere to go into deep thought at, reminisce back to the old times. I love quiet, I love to be by myself and at the same time, I love to be around people. I love nature and animals and I love to hike.

I see, hear, feel, know...

I SEE beautiful nature all around me. I see clear water, tall trees, big rocks, and curious animals surrounding the lake (I also just saw a fish jump out of the water)

I HEAR peace and quiet. I hear squirrels jumping from tree to tree. I hear water running down the stream to get to the lake, I hear huge flies buzzing around my ears. I hear the weird rustling my papers. I hear nature.

I FEEL happy to be here. I feel lucky to come. I feel loneliness in the forest. I feel peace and freedom by the water.

I KNOW that where I am sitting is one of my favorite spots. I know I am really lucky to be here. I know I will learn a lot on this trip. I know I have to go share all my experiences with my fellow classmates. I know from this point on, I will try to have a positive attitude.

A model world in 100 years....

IN 100 YEARS I would like this world to be natural and clean. No more racism, no more judgment and no more violence. For once I would like to never feel worried about leaving my house unlocked, walking at night, going somewhere by yourself or maybe even sleeping under the moon.

I think it would be so awesome if everyone could have a positive attitude about everything! If we could all get along and want the same thing. Trash makes our world look so bad. If everyone could just do their part to clean it up, it would make this world a brighter place.

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