Mayra portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 10-15, 2000
  • Mayra
  • Kingsburg, Merced, and Tokay High Schools
  • Chain Lakes

What is wilderness?

WILDERNESS IS peace, joy, happiness, it brings our natural nature. The wind and leaves falling down make my inner spirit fly to places and feel feeling[s] that one as a person cannot explain but Feel.

Is like a sensation of Freedom and Free from human dangers.

Is like to live in a wonderful place with tall grass and lay there and see and love your surrounding[s].

Is a place where you interact with your spirit and think about those things God give[s] us and that we have ruined some of them. It also makes me wish that I could be an animal as simple as a bug but living away form humans.

To whom it may concern...

THIS IS FOR YOU yes for you the one person that wouldn't stand the dirt, the wild, and that is lazy. Yes you to whom you wouldn't stand a day without washing your body. You want to explore the unexplored and want to experience the natural ways of nature. The waterfall, rivers, Rocky road and the creatures of mother nature are waiting for you[,] yes that [is] right that you say that you have seen it all. Well news-flash you haven't. Tell me have you hear[d] a Coyote ten feet away form you howling or a river without boats, skis, or people crowded in it. Have you heard and seen a beautiful waterfall crystal clear running down to an underground Fall that connects with millions of streams. Have you seen a deer four feet away or deer climbing up mountains in a group. Have you heard bears by the river near your home. Well if you haven't every sacrifice you make to get up into the places that humans haven't explored are worth it.

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