Mario portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 10-15, 2000
  • Mario
  • Kingsburg, Merced, and Tokay High Schools
  • Chain Lakes

I see, hear, feel, know...

I SEE many trees with many leaves. I see mountains, some mountains with trees and some with no trees. I see little ant[s] with big white rocks. I see the sun coming up. I see the river with very Fresh water. I see some bugs and I see many people in Front of me.

I HEAR. I hear the water. I hear the flies flying. I hear many voices some voices are people some voices are animals.

I FEEL OR I TOUCH. I touch the trees the rocks and the bugs. I touch the water that flows and the people. I feel the Fresh air. I feel very good in this camp.

I KNOW know many people want to see or hear the water and the trees. I know wilderness is a good place to stay for one or two weeks to relax and have fun.

An invitation...

THIS INVITATION is for my cousin Alfred.

ALFRED I know that you are scared [of] the night and [of] the bears but I wrote this invitation for you to come with me [to] Yosemite. I know you

[are] afraid of the night but there are many people who help you with you[r] scare [fears].

I know you [are] scared [of] the bears but in this part of Yosemite the bears only come when they smell fresh food. This part of Yosemite is very cool and faviolose. There are many trees and high mountains to climb. There you can hike about 9089 feet. There is a cool place to go you can relax in the rocks or smell the fresh air you can touch and hear all bugs and animals. You can touch the trees and the water in the Chains Rivers. So if you accept to come with me, you know where.

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