Jennifer portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 10-15, 2000
  • Jennifer
  • Kingsburg, Merced, and Tokay High Schools
  • Chain Lakes

My goals...

DURING THIS WEEK, I would like to see some animals in their habitats, learn more about nature, learn more about Yosemite, make new friends, remember old times, and come back knowing more than I left with.

What wilderness means to me...

TO ME WILDERNESS means wildlife in its natural habitat. Wilderness to [me] means life the way it should be. What I mean by that is now we have industries, homes, etc. in the places that at one time were forests. It makes me mad that people would rather live in a nice house with wood siding, where a forest once stood, rather than live in the forest. Can you imagine what it would be like if people still lived that? Everything would be completely different. I think it would be better that way!

An invitation ...


Hey girl, wuz up? Not much here just enjoying nature. I think you would love it here, because I know how you like scenery and I also know that you've never traveled much.

You wouldn't believe the things I've seen in these past few days. I've seen 3 lakes that are interjoined by streams and various sizes of waterfalls. You would fall in love with these waterfalls. The way the water bounces from one rock to another, while making a quiet yet harmonious sound that could put you to sleep right then and there. Now moving off of waterfalls and on to rocks. There are more rocks here than I have ever seen before and scattered amongst these millions of rocks are many, many trees. You may have thought that we had a lot of trees in town, but just wait until you see the amount of trees here.

Well the scenery is magnificent and absolutely breathtaking you could never see this back home.

Hiking up here has brought me to an understanding with myself about peace and quiet.

Well I have to say that seeing as how I know you so well, I know you would like it up here and that's why I would like you to come back with me next time I come up here. Well best be going! T.T.F.N.

Love Always,

Your Best Friend Forever,


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