Kak portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 19 - Jul 14, 2000
  • Kak
  • Environmental Science Academy
  • Yosemite National Park

Many Wilderness scholars, historians, and managers are concerned that our increasingly multi-cultural society might not value wilderness in the future since most of the people that visit and work in wild places are European-American. Please respond to this concern from your own perspective. .

THIS IS BOTH TRUE AND FALSE. Why do I say this? Well, if you were to think about it, some people that come to the wild places don't even know anything about it. For instance, some don't even know that you have to go 200 feet away from the water to use the restroom, and that you have to dig a hole at least 6 inches deep. For some, they know about it, but they don't care. They say that if nobody is there to see it, nobody is going to know. This is a bad thing about multi-cultural society. Plus, some are not used to doing these kinds of things. But, if they want to come to the wilderness, they have to care. No matter what they have to follow all of the procedures. They (we) have to put all of their (our) heart and mind in preserving wilderness.

Artist's Corner

We live in a world
Where sharing is not enough
Life is a pearl
For that love is never too much
Help me, help you
To help nature
The sky isn't always blue
We have to come together
Not for me, not for you
But for all of us
It is true,
Life is tough
For nature can't do everything
So take back what you bring
Leave no Trace
Don't take space.

I see what I see

I saw land
I saw mountains
I saw River
I saw water
I see freedom
I fish
I walk
I run
I smile
I laugh
I feel peace
I see what I seeI do what I do
But, I've never seen a place
with so much Peace & Freedom
What about you?
The sound of the river
Not what it makes
But, how it runs
It's the law I can't break
But I do have the fun
It deserves
to be preserved

I'll come back here

I've been through good
and bad times
I've suffered more
than I should
I would love to have
some freedom
I would do whatever
I could...

I'll come back here
To where I was now
I'll walk 4 miles
I'll swim upstream
I'll do all of this
for peace and freedom
I'll come back here

Never seen a place
With so many trees
with downstream river
With historical facts
Never been to a place
Where there's sounds of nature.
I would do what I could...

I'll come back here
To where I was now
I'll walk 4 milesI'll swim upstream
I'll do all of this
For peace and freedom
I'll come back here

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