Eulalio portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 19 - Jul 14, 2000
  • Eulalio
  • Environmental Science Academy
  • Yosemite National Park

Many Wilderness scholars, historians, and managers are concerned that our increasingly multi-cultural society might not value wilderness in the future since most of the people that visit and work in wild places are European-American. Please respond to this concern from your own perspective.

I SAY THAT is not true, they are concerned, they don't know for a fact that the increasingly multi-cultural society might not value the wilderness. In fact, I think there should be more other cultural society not just the European American. Give the other people a chance, an opportunity to see the wilderness and they might get involved with the environment, feel more at home for instance. They might even help and work in the wild places and keep it how it should be. Give the people a chance to see the beautiful wilderness.

Artist's Corner

Hiking through the Wilderness

Hiking through the wilderness,

One can see so many wonderful beauties of life.

There are ample amount of different beautiful flowers,

Red, blue, orange and white.

And there are holes in the ground, by rock and trees

It makes one wonder who's home could it be.

It's so quiet in the wilderness.

All one hears is the sound of the wind

And the flow of the endless water.

That makes one relax and think.

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